August 23, 2002

Domain Support Group Scammers

I just got a phone call from New York from something called the "Domain Support Group" regarding my "" domain (which the woman on the phone kept pronouncing "PLUTO files"). She said she wanted to fax us something but could not. So I said what exactly are you calling about.

She said "We are the Domain Support Group and we're calling you with an update."

I said, "and update to what?"

"To your domain, pluto files."

"What exactly do you all do?"

"We provide updates to domains. Let me connect you with a domain specialist for your domain and he can provide you with your update."

"Where are you located?"

"New York. Let me connect you now---"

"Are you trying to sell me something?"

"No sir, we just provide updates. I'll connect you now--"

"Well what exactly is an 'update'?"

"The update specialist will be able to provide you with that information. I will connect you now."

I'm put on hold and then a man's voice gets on. In the background I can hear many people talking.

"Hello sir, I have an update regarding your plah too files domain."


"We wanted to inform you that plah too files is now available for the .US domain."


"That is the update sir."

"So you want to sell me the .US domain is that it?"

"No sir we are just providing an update sir."

"You call me long distance from New York and you're just telling me that? Who are you guys?"

"We provide updates sir that is all thank you goodbye." SLAM.

Suddenly I have a vivid recollection of the movie BOILER ROOM.

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August 15, 2002

Still Hasn't Found What He's Lookin' For

Josh Beck. At 20, becomes CTO and one of the 1st 5 employees of, At 22, he retires. I think he's taking The Sound of Music way too literally... "Climbbbb everrry moun-tain... forrrd eeevry stream...."
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August 14, 2002

I want my iCar

So the Apple iPod is cool, and the 20-gig version is very cool. I still haven't bought one, though. I want to know when Apple is going to partner with car-radio companies so that new car radios have a "iPod in" jack that lets you take an audio cable, plug it into the headphone jack of the iPod and plug the other end into the car radio. That way I can take my 20-gigs of music with me on the road and play 'em through my speakers. Anyone know if this is happening?
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August 13, 2002

Larry Lessig Lecture

Larry Lessig's presentation at O'Reilly's recent Open Source Convention. It's a flash presentation, it's big, it's 31 minutes long, and you should consider it mandatory viewing.
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