August 27, 2003


Long trip to Illinois now complete. Good to be home. More postings real soon now.
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August 21, 2003

August Break

Been quiet around here lately. I'm super-busy working on other work right now. I'll start posting stuff again in about a week.
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August 05, 2003

A Denouncement Takes On A Life of Its Own

Geez, this RIAA parody sure is popular. I had no idea how popular until I noticed the following in Denounce's web server logs, a query someone (probably the RIAA itself) had submitted to from Google. So I tried it: q=RIAA+OPENS+DETENTION+FACILITY+FOR+SUSPECTED+FILE+SHARERS+

If you try that link, you'll get an idea how many different websites have linked to the Denounce story. Amazing!

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August 04, 2003

Hillary Comes to La Jolla

Couldn't resist photographing what was sure to be a record turnout for a celebrity book-signing in La Jolla today. Hillary Clinton was in town to sign copies of her new bestselling book. News reports indicated only 900 books would be signed, one per customer, and it had to be bought new at the store. So that's roughly a $25,000 take for Warwick's Book Store. Not bad.

At the entrance to the store were protesters, some with gruesome anti-abortion photographs. One person encouraged people to buy Ann Coulter's book instead.

A splendid time was had by all.

Click on the photo above for a larger version of the line, which wrapped around the block in downtown La Jolla, starting at Prospect, then turning left at the corner of the Hard Rock Cafe onto Fay Ave, all along Fay Ave, then left at the corner onto Silverado, all along Silverado, then left onto Girard and into the store.

It looks like there's no line on the Fay Ave sidewalk, but that's because the line started moving while I was walking on the other side of the street, and people got up and ran so as to not lose their spot in line. The line coagulated at the corner of Fay and Silverado.

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August 01, 2003

The ScreenFridge

Can't you just wait to stand there in the kitchen, spending 20 minutes deleting spam via a touchscreen? Welcome to Electrolux's ScreenFridge.

The "internal messages" feature is nice, letting you leave video messages for family members. I wonder if it will interface with AIM and iChatAV!

Suddenly I'm reminded of the Sean Connery scifi movie Outland.

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