August 18, 2007

Holy Eggplant!

So like I was preparing dinner last night, trying to use up some eggplant in the fridge, and when I cut a slice something looked odd. When I looked closely, I could clearly make out three letters . . . F . . . S . . . M . . .

Surely it 's a sign!

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The Earth belongs in usufruct to the living

Not every day you come across the word 'usufruct'.

Leave it to Thomas Jefferson to put it well: "the Earth belongs in usufruct to the living".

Read on to learn more. That's a link to one of the numerous thought-provoking writings of Dr. James E. Hansen who among other things is Director of NASA Goddard Institute for Space Sciences.

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August 15, 2007

Science is So Cool

Scientists have an enlightening moment. Interesting article about squirrels' infrared tails.

And they correctly have realized that many other species may have similar kinds of yet-to-be-discovered protective mechanisms that humans wouldn't ordinarily notice.

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August 01, 2007

If I had a billion $ lying around

Goes without saying that I ended my WSJ subscription today.

But that doesn't mean this news junkie is any bit less hungry for objective, comprehensive coverage of everything going on domestically and around the world.

I wish someone would start a new news service that tells it like it is (doesn't have to be a paper, why not make it web + cable TV). I'd subscribe.

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