May 04, 2008

McGuinn Twittering

There's something surreal about seeing a superstar like Roger McGuinn twittering away.

How many other people out there can answer this way to Twitter's question, "what are you doing?":

  • "Had the greatest time today with astronauts! Went on the ramp to the shuttle."

  • "Trying to put a photo on my Wikipedia page is extremely difficult! I put it up they delete it and say 'You aren't Roger McGuinn himself'"

  • "Bruce Springsteen invited me on stage last night"

  • "Watching "Forrest Gump" on AMC ... the movie that paid off my house in the 90s :-) Byrds "Turn Turn Turn" in it."

Reading Roger is the antidote to reading so many boring digerati wannabes.

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