June 23, 2008

Almost Five

Another week, and it'll pass $5 for sure.

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June 18, 2008

AP Words

This entire blog post consists of words cut from AP news stories and pasted into this post. Literally. Each word in this sentence was lifted directly from an Associated Press published article.

"I'm not the only one who's a little surprised," said the author of this blog post, "with the Associated Press's attitude towards bloggers. It seems antiquated. They are making themselves look out-of-touch with today's Internet."

Considering the threats from the AP and the fact that this entire post is lifted verbatim, at least one word at a time, from copyrighted AP news stories, this blogger would like to know what the AP is going to do about it.

Thanks to Google News (and of course, the Associated Press) for making this blog post possible.

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Instead of having BarCamps at company offices in the usual cities, how about some BarCamps at vacation destinations? For instance, I've always wanted to see the Canadian Rockies, Banff area, and Glacier National Park. Why not have a BarCamp at the Lake McDonald Lodge or the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise? Or, have a BarCamp on Maui? Or at Lake Como in Italy? A BarCamp that's basically an agreed-upon destination that all the attendees converge on for a few days during their vacations. Gosh, it might be a business-deductible junket....
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June 08, 2008

Bill Moyers Speech

Every American citizen should watch and listen to this speech.

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June 05, 2008

Waiting for Godin

I wonder if it's intentional or accidental that when you're reading Seth Godin's blog, and you get to the bottom of the page, there is no affordance to read more.

Try it. Go to his blog, and scroll to the very bottom of the browser page. No "next", no "previous", no links whatsoever. Considering this is Seth Godin, you'd think he'd want to make it very easy for you to keep reading.

Or maybe the point is, buy his books instead, and the blog is designed as the teaser?

Seth? What's the answer?

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