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And now... various and sundry articles, clippings, rants, and writings done over the years.

Three Amish at Windansea
Written June 2003

The Spelling Bee
Written January 2003

The Workshop
Written June 2002

Written March 2001

Escape from the Planet of the Bull Terriers
Written Sept 1998

Written Sept 1998

The Good Guys
Written August 1998, about being in a consumer electronics store, trying to watch and listen to President Clinton give a speech

The English Bull Terrier Visits Microsoft
Written 1998

Cats and Dogs
Written October 1998

Dog Politics
Written October 1998

Articles written elsewhere on the web:

Everyone Who's Anyone Even If They Don't Want to Be
Written October 2002 at

The Netflix Review in 7 Parts
Written August-October 2002 at

A Series on Madstone Theaters
Written August-October 2002 at

The Taste of Money: The Kava Market Takes Off
Written August 1996 at

The Coconut Pearl: Rarest Botanical Gem in the World
Written August 1996 at

The Zulu Coconuts of New Orleans
Written August 1996 at

Adventures of Buying Art in Hawaii
Written August 1996 at


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