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The Blog is Back.

Ok, so it was a little longer than expected. Nine months or so. Well, I was busy writing a book (still writing it).

Since my er, last post (from 17 March 2009!), describing the server crash, I've replaced the server, installed Movable Type 5.0rc3 (which they very carefully warn you not to use in a production environment) and have been mucking around in it for ages. MovableType is a workflow nightmare. One would think that after all these years they'd get the user experience right, but no. I spend more time clicking this or that, waiting for this or that, trying to find this or that, than actually editing code.

Not sure if comments work yet. Because of that, assume comments do not work yet. Until further notice, if you want to comment on a blog post here, reply via Twitter. I'm debating whether or not to use MT's built-in comments or use disqus.

Anyways, this new blog is up, sort of, and now running on still-very-beta software. MT 5.0's official release was delayed, and I didn't want to wait. I'll upgrade (cautiously) soon, but I wanted to go live now as I've things to say.

Oh yeah: in the sidebar on the right, you'll see two sections at the bottom, called "Recent Archives" and "Old Archives". The former is for the new blog, the latter is for the old blog. Some day I hope to be able to import the old blog into the new blog, but for now, that project is KAPUT.

So, there's tons more coming over time, including tweaks to the layout, UI, navigation, content, etc. Eventually I'll get it right.

Thinking of posting a comment to this blog entry? That's nice. But please note: As of January 19. 2014, I no longer review comments. So they will never appear. So don't bother. If you want to comment on something you read here, go to twitter and write your comment there and just include "@brianstorms" in the tweet. I am no longer moderating the comments here; I just assume everything is spam and Intense Debate seems to have abandoned support for its product.

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