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On Wednesday March 31st, my wife and I drove back to Amarillo TX (11 hours round trip again) to get our second Moderna vaccines. We'd gone out there on March 3rd for the first shots, after hearing that Amarillo was taking anyone from anywhere even out of state, as long as they were qualified. We were, and we'd been waiting in New Mexico since December and decided, why not?, nothing's happening in New Mexico, so we drove out. On the first trip there were six people in line ahead of us. In a VAST convention center.

When we arrived this time, for the second shots, WE WERE THE ONLY PEOPLE THERE. You have to understand: this is in a vast convention center that could handle thousands. We were literally the only people getting shots. In and out in a few minutes. Where are the Texans? Good grief, man. History is going to wonder what madness overtook America in the early 21st century.

Check out the pictures. Note in the last image, all the nurses were just standing around in one of the vast exhibit halls, waiting for patients to get vaccinated. I think there were about 30 privacy booths to get the shots. We took number 24. The rest were empty.

The whole operation was fully professional, courteous, well-organized, you name it. Superb operation. Just NOBODY TO VACCINATE except random strangers showing up having left at 4:49am from New Mexico....



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