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An idea for an iPad app:

Tired of drivers not understanding your dissatisfaction with their driving? Frustrated that nobody is understanding you when you pull up beside them at an intersection and start yelling? Bored with just giving the finger when a more lucid communication would have gotten your point across so much more clearly?

Well, your troubles are over. Introducing iRage, the new iPad application for those who take their driving -- and others' driving too -- very seriously. In just a second you can select the precise message you wish to convey to the other driver, and then wave your iPad screen at the offending driver. Works as well during daylight as it does at night! And coming soon, iRage Extreme, with a rich profanity add-on that lets you really curse out those obnoxious motorists and cyclists who ignore every traffic law with such deliberate abandon.

irage app -

Odd thing is, I bet there will be such an app within the first year of iPads being on the market.

Seems the La Jolla Light isn't a big fan of Craigslist. Saw this ad in the most recent issue of the weekly newspaper:

"Invite your neightbors... NOT Craig!"

Well, I have found that Craig gets the job done and the local newspapers, which typically get "delivered" (whether you asked for them or not -- spam, anyone?) by being thrown on your driveway, do not get the job done. I think millions have come to the same conclusion.

"No Craigslist" is not the way to compete. Think different, newspapers!



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