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The Stop Sign Design Video

While a humorous commentary on how incompetent teams in organizations ruin good design, the irony remains that most motorists at least in the San Diego area, treat stop signs as "Slow" or "Roll" signs, and that the word "STOP" never really means the "complete cessation of movement" (what a silly concept!). And let's not forget bicyclists, 99.999% of whom deliberately ignore stop signs and many red lights, as if it is their natural-born right to roll right through, often at full speed, with headphones on (another traffic violation) and not even looking to see if there's right-of-way oncoming traffic.

Reminds me of a joke: Traffic cop pulls an attorney over and cites him for failing to stop at an intersection. The attorney insists he slowed down enough to justify it being a stop, and demands that the cop demonstrate the difference between slowing down and stopping. The cop says okay and asks the attorney to get out of his vehicle. Guy gets out and the cop starts beating the attorney senseless with his nightstick. While he's beating the attorney, the cop asks him, "Do you want me to stop or slow down?"

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