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Set Aside 18 Minutes, Sit Back, and Enjoy

Best Beatles cover I've heard maybe ever. The Fab Faux playing the side 2 Abbey Road suite.

The Fab Faux - Abbey Road Side 2 (mostly) from The Fab Faux on Vimeo.

Call them obsessive. Call them perfectionists. Call them pathetic, your typical group of midlife crisis guys who can't get out of the past and have too much time on their hands, wasting their obvious talents on someone else's works. But you know what? That's what classical orchestras do. And face it, The Beatles are classical music.

And another thing: at least it's not a mashup, one of those clever contraptions that are intoxicatingly alluring and yes, sometimes revealing new insights into pieces of music that have never been so juxtaposed, exposing something previously unknown about each composition. I like mashups but I hate them too. Turn a DJ loose with two turntables and a Propellerheads sequencer, scrambling existing recordings together that wind up getting admired by the BoingBoing set. Fine, but as Bruce Sterling would say, favela chic. Creative work has always been about stealing from previous works and presenting it in new ways. But the damn digital age means we have so many more ways of doing it than ever before. Sometimes I wonder if we are condemned to a future, where every recorded action, performance, work of art, can be reconstructed, re-enacted, re-interpreted, re-animated, re-written over and over again in a million different ways. Is this what art has always been or is this what art is going forward, the endless mashing and remixing of what's already been done?

The Fab Faux performance really struck a nerve. Not a mashup: not a DJ's clever concoction. No, this is live, this is real people playing real physical instruments in a physical space, living their passion, singing their hearts out. There is a palpable euphoria to this performance that chills me to the bone. When I've played in bands and we've just nailed it and the sound is just there and you look around at each other and you know everyone in the band is thinking the same thing and we all smile and can't believe life can be this good, well, that is what this performance conjures up for me. It does not get better than this. Except when playing on a stage, in front of a live audience, and nailing it there. That's even better, but this, this ain't bad. And I suspect achieving this sheer joy is what makes the Fab Faux do what they do. Good for them.

UPDATE Want the Fab Faux to play live in your town? Demand 'em! Click the Demand It! button below and you can specify what town you want them to play in.

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