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Treeding? Oh my!

After learning about the latest nutty craze, planking, it reminded me of how the newsfolks usually react to "what will they think of next" type stories... here's one future craze scenario I don't doubt will actually happen some day:

News Anchor A: And now a report on a new craze happening on campuses across the country.

News Anchor B: It's called "treeding", and it has authorities increasingly alarmed.

News Anchor A: "Treeding" when you give up your digital devices and start reading only from documents printed on actual paper, made from trees, like in years past

News Anchor B: But, but wait, that's against the law!

News Anchor A: It gets worse, Jim. Instead of using current technology like the Apple iVision dataglasses and digital implants from Samsung, some rebel students are "going analog" with only tree-based products. Says one police chief...

Police Chief: As we all know, trees are sacred and it's not been legal to make paper from trees for a generation. We need more funding and officers to tackle the problem. Support your police force and send us your bitcoins toda---

News Anchor A: ---"Treeders", as they call themselves, are secretly cutting down trees, generating pulp, and manufacturing their own paper in underground "mills", then printing the text from ebooks and other documents onto the paper and creating old fashioned books!

News Anchor B: *gasp*

News Anchor A: Some are even selling them.

News Anchor B: Oh my! Please stop!

News Andhor A: Yes, Jim, it's true...

[ Only a matter of time... ]

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