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No Shows

I always find it unsettling that so many VCs don't show up at the San Diego Venture Summit.

Photo of registration table with VC name tags, taken at 10:14am on the way out near the end of an event that started at 7:30am.

Venture Capital no shows at the San Diego Venture Summit

Click on the image to see the names. You'll recognize a few I bet.

A VC told me recently, the thing is, they all show up . . . the night before, where they go to a ball game at the stadium next to the hotel. That is what gets the VCs to come to San Diego. But rather than actually show up at the Venture Summit event, they bail. Hence the table full of unclaimed name-tags.

The San Diego business community ought to think about how together we can make it worth their while to stick around the day after the ball game so we can reverse this trend.

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