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10 Years of Brianstorms

Hard to believe I've been doing this blog for 10 years. Started it on February 1st, 2002. I'd actually started blogging in 1997, on the Nettle blog. (Strange: that blog went on to get a ton of attention for critiques of Netflix and movie theatres; in 2012, I am doing a startup called Nettle and its product is called MovieGoer).

Funny how that works.

Thinking of posting a comment to this blog entry? That's nice. But please note: As of January 19. 2014, I no longer review comments. So they will never appear. So don't bother. If you want to comment on something you read here, go to twitter and write your comment there and just include "@brianstorms" in the tweet. I am no longer moderating the comments here; I just assume everything is spam and Intense Debate seems to have abandoned support for its product.

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