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The Weird Netflix Family

Ever notice something weird about how Netflix imagines its customers?

Netflix family depicted as sitting at extreme angles to screen

If you dream of being a Netflix family, photographed on Netflix's home page, and you don't mind stiff necks from watching TV with your head turned at an extreme angle, just follow these simple steps today!

  • Turn every possible light on in the room so it is brilliantly lit (if you have some Klieg lights, turn them on as well).
  • Arrange the sofa so it is at least at a 45 degree angle (though 90 degrees is preferable) relative to the television screen.
  • Tell Sis go cook up and eat a huge bowl of popcorn (she's very hungry).
  • Make sure Mom gets the remote control: she's in charge.
  • Ask Dad to put his arms around everyone.
  • Enjoy browsing the Netflix movie menus. You don't need to actually watch a movie; just browsing Netflix's offerings is where the real fun is!

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