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Breaking up with @McSweeneys

I get email.

Lots of it. We all do. Sometimes we get email from companies and publications we like. But they send a lot of it. And sometimes there comes a day where you realize you're not even reading it, and it's just piling up, filling up your disk drive, and your backups, and the disk drives in Bluffdale and who knows where else, and well, sometimes . . . you just gotta let 'em know enough is enough.

I used to subscribe to The Believer, the magazine that McSweeney's puts out. But it was expensive and I had no time to read it so I stopped. But McSweeney's still sends me emails, a steady stream of emails, teasing, sometimes begging, for me to buy something. Today they sent me a Valentine, and well, it was time to let 'em know, things had gone too far.

Without further comment, my response to McSweeney's email, in which I clicked the "unsubscribe" link.

McSweeneys valentine emailbreakup letter mcsweeneys

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