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Cicadas in New Mexico: Who Knew?

Had no idea New Mexico had cicadas. They have been out in force for weeks, buzzing everywhere. They're all over our yard, though rarely seen, unlike my experience growing up in Maryland where the 17-year cicadas were so numerous, and their discarded Alien-like shells so ubiquitous, you couldn't help but step on them every few feet. This morning I decided I needed photographic proof that these buzzing critters really are cicadas. Here's the proof, right from our side yard:

Cicadas on a tree in New Mexico, photo taken 2019-06-18, Copyright (c)2019 Brian Dear. All rights reserved.

Took the photo with a plain old iPhone 6, nothing fancy. Held the lens about an inch away from the two cicadas who luckily were so laid back they didn't budge despite the phone being in their faces.

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